Video: Trump declares end to US 'Policeman' Role

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Trump declares end to US 'policeman' role in surprise Iraq visit

President Donald Trump uses a lightning visit to Iraq - his first with US troops in a conflict zone since being elected - to defend the withdrawal from Syria and declare an end to America's role as the global "policeman."

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One Response to Video: Trump declares end to US 'Policeman' Role

  1. Sharon Taylor 24th January 2019 at 16:40 #

    President Trump is doing the right thing by slowing down our "Policization" of the world. I agree that we need to draw down troops and let other countries be "other" countries. Until it reaches our borders. We cannot "police" the entire world as some have attempted to do. I will stand behind our President to begin withdrawal of our troops from many countries of the world, as he sees fit to accomplish over time. Other countries need to be made responsible for their own governmental powers. Our religious bodies and benevolent groups give heartily to other countries. Our government needs to take care of Our security before sending monies to countries who squander their financial sustenance. We must first take care of American citizens who will then in turn help others. First and foremost rule of thumb. Thereby we keep U. S. intact and able to help others as needed. Thanks for listening.