Iran "the only Victor" in Iraq War

By John Lee.

The US Army has published a report on its 2003 invasion of Iraq, and subsequent developments until the withdrawal of troops, claiming that Iran was the only real winner of the operation.

"The U.S. Army in the Iraq War" was released Thursday in two volumes entitled "Invasion and Insurgency—Civil War, 2003-2006" and "Surge and Withdrawal, 2007-2011."

The two volumes comprise nearly 1,500 pages.

According to the conclusions in the second report:

"In terms of geostrategic consequences, the war produced profound consequences. At the time of this project’s completion in 2018, an emboldened and expansionist Iran appears to be the only victor.

"Iraq, the traditional regional counterbalance for Iran, is at best emasculated, and at worst has key elements of its government acting as proxies for Iranian interests."

More here - Volume 1, and Volume 2

(Source: Strategic Studies Institute of the US Army)

3 Responses to Iran "the only Victor" in Iraq War

  1. Jim 24th January 2019 at 17:27 #

    15,000 pages of bullshit! We have destroyed the cradle of civilization all based on Lies! Bombed this nation back 100 yrs,
    If it wasn't for Iran Many Iraqis would have starved to death. Madalin Albright mass murderess is responsible for 500,000 Iraqi
    children who were starved to death. After that, she went to church? God bless America who excels attacking defenseless nations.
    No one went to prison for lying about WMD's I don't see how that Low life Bush and Madaline can sleep. If there is a real hell
    that is where they will be going!

  2. Kenneth Robertson 25th January 2019 at 04:02 #

    By the same token, nobody ever talks about the consequences of the de-valuation of the Iraqi currency, as if it never happened. How is it that you can take a nations currency, that at one time was trading on the foreign exchange at $3.00 per dinar, and overnight strip the value down to next to nothing, and nobody ever talks about it's drastic repercussion. Imagine the dollar being de-valued to 1/1000th of it's value, and what it would do to our country...

  3. David Szilard 9th February 2019 at 18:10 #

    This is the biggest B.S. ever published! The USA Told Saddam to attack Iran in the first place.
    Millions of people died on both side while Israel were selling weapons to both sides.
    The poison Gas was sold to Saddam and when used Iran was the blame. The Persian Gulf
    was ruined due to of bombing the production platforms, destroying future productions.
    If we had justice in this world, the leaders of England and the USA would have been excecuted.
    God Bless America a God fearing Nation and Pigs can fly. If I was Iran and Iraq I wouldn't
    even have any relationship with those parasites. Now the USA don't want stay in Iraq despite
    what Iraq wants. Sorry I must go and vomit.