Improved Access to Baghdad International Airport

By John Lee.

Authorities in Baghdad are implementing a series of measures to improve passenger access to Baghdad International Airport (BIAP).

The measures include the widening of the main road to the airport, the removal of a number of security barriers and allowing vehicles to reach the departure terminals to drop off passengers.

These measures coincide with the the resumption of flights by major carries to Iraqi airports, and the expansion of Iraqi Airways route network.

The easing of access to Iraq’s main international gateway comes just a few weeks after the Iraqi authorities oversaw the opening of the so called ‘Green Zone’ in central Baghdad to traffic, fulfilling an undertaking by Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi and the Iraqi government.

Soon after the defeat of Daesh in Iraq, the Iraqi government began to remove concrete barriers, blast walls and checkpoints, which have been in place for well over a decade,
from other parts of Baghdad and cities across Iraq.

(Source: Govt of Iraq)

One Response to Improved Access to Baghdad International Airport

  1. Ibn Al Iraq 25th August 2019 at 08:51 #


    This is a good move and thanks to all efforts. Though we hope the intelligence team along with security enforcement team keep very vigilant eye on the overall security of the airport without any compromise and favors .

    its also vital that no one is exempted from inspection/checks

    Iraqis deserve better!

    GOD bless Iraq & Iraqis