Sulaimani "First in Iraq" to Separate Recycling

By John Lee.

The Mayor's office of Sulaimani has said it will initiate a recycling program, separating trash from recyclable material.

According to Kurdistan24, the move will see three garbage bins placed inside the building of the Mayor’s office: one for food waste, one for plastics, and the other for glass items.

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(Source: Kurdistan24)

One Response to Sulaimani "First in Iraq" to Separate Recycling

  1. Ibn Al Iraq 2nd September 2019 at 07:48 #


    very nice step and very thoughtful! Thank you

    Other cities and towns should follow these steps now!

    We desperately need to educate & encourage ourselves to care about the environment, reducing pollutions, cleaning and keep healthy

    GOI should run a huge media campaign for awareness of this important issue

    We care about our country and people

    Thank you to all efforts towards improvements and reforms.

    God Bless Iraq