Following Protests, Govt Announces Minimum Income Guarantee

By John Lee.

Following days of protests in which dozens of people are reported to have been killed, Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi has outlined measures that he says will increase support for low-income families, create new employment opportunities for graduates, tackle corruption and expedite reforms.

According to a statement from the Government, the measures include:

  • The release of protestors not charged with criminal offences
  • Dismissal of 1,000 state employees accused of corruption
  • A minimum income guarantee for each Iraqi family
  • An employment scheme for graduates and post-graduates
  • Expediting the allocation of plots of land, free of charge, to low income groups
  • Instituting economic, social and public service reforms
  • Submitting a proposal to Parliament to reform the electoral system

(Source: Govt of Iraq)

One Response to Following Protests, Govt Announces Minimum Income Guarantee

  1. Ibn Al Iraq 6th October 2019 at 10:16 #


    CC. GOI,

    We hope that these measures are not just pain killer!! Yet more and more are expected

    More actions are needed, The PM should hold every minister accountable for the ministry's failure and mismanagement. Every operating company working with any ministry is suffering from delays, routines, endless paperwork with handed of signatures for approvals just to force you to pay under the table!! on the other hand $millions are wasted unaccounted for!!

    we demand to see an end to this mess for the past 16 years, Enough !!