Cabinet agrees Measures to Improve Public Services

The Cabinet held its regular weekly meeting in Baghdad on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi.

The meeting was also attended by provincial governors.

At the start of the meeting, the Prime Minister delivered remarks about the situation in Iraq and the region.

The Prime Minister affirmed that Iraq is strong and capable of overcoming the difficult challenges facing it and reiterated the determination to continue the fight against Daesh.

The Cabinet then received briefings from the provincial governors attending the meeting about public services and infrastructure projects in their provinces.

They also presented the Cabinet with details about ongoing efforts to support the safe and dignified return of IDPs to their home.

The Cabinet agreed several measures to support local authorities to improve the delivery of key services including health, education and housing.

The Cabinet approved administrate, legal and financial instruments to support the housing sector in several provinces, as well as measures to support the government’s land-distribution scheme which aims to support those on low-income to have a decent home.

(Source: Iraqi Govt)

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