NATO Enhances Training Mission in Iraq

By John Lee.

The coronavirus pandemic dominated a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels last week, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.

"We addressed a number of issues, including our missions in Afghanistan and Iraq and our support for Georgia and Ukraine, but our response to the COVID-19 was at the top of our agenda," the secretary general said.

In a joint declaration, the 30 foreign ministers expressed sympathy for victims of the virus, and paid tribute to the health care workers on the front lines in the battle against the virus. Many of the NATO allies' service members are among those working against the virus.

"NATO was created to deal with crises, so we can help," Stoltenberg said. "Our alliance is playing its part."

"Ministers agreed to enhance our training mission in Iraq, taking on some of the training activities of the Global Coalition, including the training and education of noncommissioned officers, engineers and federal police," the secretary general said, adding that this is all done in close cooperation with Iraqi authorities.

(Source: NATO)

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