Iraq Reduces Energy Imports from Iran by 75%

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Iraq reduces energy imports from Iran by 75% 

Iraq has reduced its electricity and gas imports from Iran by 75 per cent after achieving a strong level of self-sufficiency in its own energy production, Al Arab news website reported on Monday.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity, Ahmed Al-Abadi, said that the current electricity production in Iraq covers most of the country's needs.

He explained that most governorates have electricity supplies all day, every day, apart from Salahuddin and Ninawa, which have power for around 20 hours per day.

Al-Abadi noted that the improvement in electricity supply is largely down to the new electricity plants coming into operation.

Iraq, he added, uses 13,400 Megawatts, of which 4,500 Megawatts used to be imported from Iran.

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