Parliament Approves Kadhimi Government (Full Listing)

By John Lee.

Iraq's Council of Representatives (Parliament) on Thursday approved fifteen candidates nominated by Prime Minister  Mustafa Al-Kadhimi for membership of the Council of Ministers (the Cabinet).

Reuters reports that voting on the oil and foreign ministries was delayed as the parties failed to agree on candidates.

The parliament rejected Kadhimi's picks for justice, agriculture and trade; and, according to Xinhua, also rejected his nominees for culture and migration.

Members of the new Iraqi Cabinet are:

  • Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief: Mustafa Al-Kadhimi
  • Minister of Defence: Juma'a Enad Saadon Khattab
  • Minister of Interior: Othman Ali Farhood Musheer al-Ghanimi
  • Minister of Health and Environment: Hassan Mohammed Abbas Salman
  • Minister of Finance: Ali Haidar Abdulameer Abbas Allawi
  • Minister of Communication: Arkan Shihab Ahmed Kadhim
  • Minister of Construction and Housing: Nazineen Mohammed Wassaw Sheikh Mohammed
  • Minister of Education: Ali Hameed Mukhlif
  • Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology: Nabil Khadim Abd Al-Sahib
  • Minister of Electricity: Majid Mehdi Hantosh
  • Minister of Industry and Minerals: Manhal Aziz Mahmoud
  • Minister of Labour & Social Affairs: Adil Hashush Jabir Jassim
  • Minister of Planning : Khalid Battal Najim Abdullah
  • Minister of Youth and Sport: Adnan Dirjal Matar Jasim
  • Minister of Transportation: Nasir Hussein Bander Hamad [Nasser Hussein Al-Shibli]
  • Minister of Water Resources: Mehdi Rasheed Mehdi

Prime Minister Al-Kadhimi will submit to Parliament nominees for other Cabinet posts at a later date.

During the parliamentary session in Baghdad, the Prime Minister told MPs that the new government will create a consultative framework that brings together all blocs, parties, women organisations, the protest movement, professional bodies and trade unions so that together, Iraqis can overcome current crises and challenges.

A new programme for government

The Prime Minister also set out the key priorities of his government which include mobilising all resources to combat the coronavirus pandemic, preparing for early elections, submitting a special draft budget law to address the economic crisis, ending internal displacement in Iraq and protecting the country's sovereignty and security.

Prime Minister Al-Kadhimi called on all Iraqis to work together, saying that the challenges facing Iraq are great, but they are not greater than our ability to address them.

Click here for details of the Iraqi government programme.

(Sources: Govt of Iraq, Reuters, Xinhua)

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