Joint Statement of PM Al-Kadhimi and President Trump

The following is a Joint Statement issued by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi and the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, following a bilateral meeting at the White House on Thursday 20 August 2020:

The strategic partnership between Iraq and the United States is based on a mutual desire for security and prosperity.

Together, the United States-led Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS and the Iraqi Security Forces destroyed the ISIS physical caliphate, and we continue to work in close coordination to ensure that ISIS is rendered incapable of posing a threat to Iraq and every other nation. We reaffirm our commitment to long-term security cooperation to build Iraq's military capability and address threats to our shared interests.

Our security collaboration strengthens the foundation of our efforts to expand economic, humanitarian, political, and cultural cooperation. The COVID-19 pandemic further underscores the importance of working together to build a prosperous and stable Iraq that provides jobs and services to the Iraqi people and serves as a stabilizing force for the Middle East.

(Sources: Govt of Iraq, White House)

2 Responses to Joint Statement of PM Al-Kadhimi and President Trump

  1. G.Griffin 27th August 2020 at 23:39 #

    Wonderful progress!!...Great for the incredible strong and talented Iraqi people and Iraq!....The next expectation is the restoration of the Iraqi economy by restoring the past value to the Iraqi Dinar!!.....With that act, the Iraqi people will once again have money in their hands that has value as before the 2003 US destruction of the countriy's financial system--they desperately need dinar value restored so they can business as planned!........

  2. Farooqi 10th September 2020 at 16:57 #

    It is factually a widened gambit planning, formulated and optimized by Kaadimi Government of Iraq and Trump Administration who unanimously have decided to benefit by implementing past currency value against dollar tends to Iraqi people who have lost many and every thing in war, must be franchised and compensated the fiasco and loss by rendering an opportunity to people of Iraq to grab and have all those things with dignity will lead and take them along to live and spend as well as endure content lives.
    Thanks to both Governments USA and Iraq for taking a bold fascinated and meaningful decision for the country Iraq
    Regressing its currency position back to pavilion of Saddam Period will globally strengthen its sovereignty and dignity.