Iraq Insider: Q3 2020 Non-Oil Economy Review

From the Iraq Energy Institute (IEI). Any opinions expressed here are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News.

For Q3 2020, our first non-oil economy part examines Iraq's current challenges and economic potential at the macro and micro level. With the oil economy review, there two reports provide a detailed overview of developments in oil and gas, agriculture, industry, electricity and health, looking at Iraq's key vulnerabilities amid the COVID-19 crisis and where Iraq has received substantial international assistance.

Here we examine Iraq's current policy options, however limited, and prospects for stabilisation, in light of the new white paper on economic reform presented by the Iraqi cabinet on 13 October.

Additionally, we look at Iraq's continuing policy of trying to balance regional relations during a time of renewed proxy conflict, the regionally shared challenge of collapsed oil prices and the global pandemic.

Iraq's policy of regional outreach is finally starting to show positive results but remains vulnerable to the rapidly shifting geopolitics of the region. Arising from Baghdad's regional posture, we examine some of the most interesting developments, particularly in the energy sector.

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