Three Experts offer advice to Iraq

By Padraig O'Hannelly.

A major petroleum conference has heard expert advice on the steps Iraq should take to increase its prosperity and wellbeing.

Addressing delegates at CWC/GFEn's Iraq Petroleum conference, held online this week for the first time, Anne-Laure Kiechel, Founding Partner at Global Sovereign Advisory, stressed the importance of fighting illegality in Iraq. She added that the counry needs a well-functioning sovereign wealth fund to preserve the counry's assets for the benefit of future generations.

Dr Carole Nakhle, Chief Executive Officer at Crystol Energy, emphasised the need to break the link between the economic reforms agenda and oil prices.

Meanwhile, Salem Chalabi, the newly-appointed Chairman and President of the Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI), focussed on the requirement to make long-lasting changes and regulatory reforms (and in particular, reform of the levels of salaries and pensions) before declaring that Iraq is open for business.


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