iGrafx and ProServ support National Bank of Iraq

By John Lee.

iGrafx, a provider of business process management solutions, has announced that it has implemented Iraq's first Enterprise Business Process Management (EBPM) solution with the National Bank of Iraq (NBI).

The National Bank of Iraq was founded in 1995 as a publicly traded private company providing comprehensive banking services for individuals and companies in Iraq.

The CEO of the National Bank of Iraq, Ayman Abu Dhaim, said:

"The use of the iGrafx  platform is a milestone on our path to digital innovation. The customers are the focus of this strategy, so this not only optimizes our internal processes, but also improves the customer experience enormously."

According to a statement from iGrafx, the project was implemented together with its partner ProServ (Abu Dhabi).

(Source: iGrafx)

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