MASIL facilitates Successful Visit of Pope to Iraq

Al Burhan and Menzies MASIL form new joint venture and celebrate a successful Pope's visit to Iraq

Al Burhan Group along with Menzies Aviation, have formed a new venture - MASIL.

Working together on the logistics of the visit of Pope Francis to Baghdad international airport at the start of the first papal visit to Iraq, the new company is delighted to have successfully facilitated the smooth running of the operation from the airport and logistical aspect of the visit.

MASIL the joint venture between Menzies Aviation, Air BP ltd, Iraqi Airways and Al Burhan Group, was awarded the exclusive contract for the delivery of a full suite of ground handling, cargo, and fuelling services in January 2021, and commenced operations the same month.

The venture partners will draw on their collective global industry experience and world class standards to improve the customer experience and safety standards at Baghdad International Airport.

One of the main aims of the joint venture will be to develop Iraqi nationals to assume key positions.

Al-Burhan Group's Operations Director, Abir Burhan, says:

"Al-Burhan are proud to have partnered with Menzies and air BP to develop and strengthen the ground handling and fuelling operations at Baghdad airport over the next 10 years.

"Al Burhan have formed this joint venture company with our partners in Iraq called MASIL. This company will service international carriers, thereby enriching the international reputation of the airport and delivering world class standards in ground handling operations.

"Our consortium is also proud to train upwards of 800 members of ground handling and fuelling staff at the airport. We hope the joint venture and ppp partnerships of this nature will draw a positive light on Iraq and demonstrate these kinds of partnerships can be successful in Iraq."

(Source: Al Burhan Group)

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