Foreign Engineers Detained "in Solitary Confinement" in Iraq

By John Lee.

An Australian engineer and his Egyptian manager have reportedly been held without charge, and in solitary confinement, in Iraq for the past three weeks.

Robert Pether, who lives in Ireland, is said to have been called to Iraq to discuss a dispute between his employer, UAE-based EKO Engineering Arabia, and the company's client, the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI).

The company is involved in the construction of the new, Zaha Hadid-designed, Central Bank headquarters in Iraq.

Mr Pether's wife told Daily Mail Australia that when the two men arrived for the meeting, they were immediately taken into custody.

The issue was raised in the Irish Senate on Monday, with Senator Eugene Murphy saying, "as far as I can establish, he [Mr Pether] has been caught in the middle of a dispute between the authorities and the company".

More here and here.

(Sources: Daily Mail Australia, The Australian, @SenatorEMurphy)

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