The Station launches Entrepreneurship Program in Mosul

With the support of Asiacell, The Station Foundation is currently implementing I'dad program as part of the services provided to entrepreneurs, university students, and recent graduates.

The program aims to prepare some trainers from the city of Mosul in the fields of entrepreneurship and design thinking in all its stages through intensive training which lasted for 60 hours and prepared 20 trainers.

In the second phase of the program, 10 trainers were selected to train several university students and recent graduates in the fields of entrepreneurship, as they began to train 50 university graduates who aspire to transform their ideas into emerging companies due to the city's urgent need for new projects in various sectors.

This program will contribute to introducing them to the world of entrepreneurship and the ecosystem of entrepreneurship in the city. In the next phase of the program, several university students will be trained in the city of Mosul.

I3dad program is considered an important opportunity, given the city of Mosul's need for trainers in the entrepreneurship sectors due to the increasing growth of this field in the city and also the increase in the number of students and graduates interested in the field of entrepreneurship and their desire to find their way in this field.

(Source: The Station)

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