Organizational Development Leadership Training for YPS

Ministry of Youth, UNFPA, FBA Hold Organizational Development Leadership Training for the Youth, Peace, Security Coalition

The Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA) and UNFPA, in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth & Sports, held the first Organizational Development Leadership training for the Iraqi Coalition on Youth, Peace, Security (YPS).

During the five-day training, experts on the YPS agenda provided insights on the UN Security Council Resolution 2250 (UNSCR 2250) to the 25 Iraqi YPS Coalition members. The training focused on providing a common understanding of the core functions and responsibilities of the Coalition vis-à-vis the government, society and the international community.

The young women and men discussed the strategic direction of the Coalition and drafted work plans for the implementation of the YPS agenda and the way forward as a group.

Speaking after the training, Mr Taleb Sobeh, Project Manager for Iraq at the Folke Bernadotte Academy, said:

"Young Iraqis are leading the way for peace and trying to change the present and their futures for the better.

"In light of this, implementing the Youth, Peace and Security Agenda and its guiding principles has never been as important for our societies as today. The Folke Bernadotte Academy is committed to supporting the implementation of the YSP agenda in Iraq, enriching the partnerships that we have established so far, and building new ones with our Iraqi counterparts."

Ms Joanna Broumana, Process Lead for Youth, Peace and Security at the Folke Bernadotte Academy, added:

"Since the Iraqi YPS Coalition launch in December 2020, FBA has worked closely with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, UNFPA and a group of young peacebuilders to support the implementation process of the UNSCR 2250 in Iraq. We hope that this Coalition will become a platform for youth leadership, partnerships and advocacy for the operationalization of the YPS agenda in the country while keeping meaningful youth participation at the very heart of such efforts."

Dr Rita Columbia, UNFPA Representative to Iraq, said:

"UNFPA will continue to support Iraq to implement UNSCR 2250, putting the interest and rights of young people at the centre of national priorities and strengthening youth participation in peace-building in Iraq. It is our utmost priority to recognise that women and girls' participation in conflict resolution and mediation efforts is an enormous force for good".

UNFPA & FBA trust that the Iraqi YPS Coalition will bring all Iraqi youth together to agree on a vision, advance their ideas and create a movement that will materialize and translate young people's vision into actions.

(Source: UN)

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