Iraqi Entrepreneurs' Journey

Iraqi Entrepreneurs' Journey

This research is an updated, quantitative assessment of the Iraqi Entrepreneurs Journey: An In-Depth Analysis that was published by KAPITA in July, 2020, which was the backbone to understand the problems, solutions, opportunities, and challenges that entrepreneurs face in the Iraqi business ecosystem.

Two years later, we are providing an updated, yet in itself a new, version to complement the previous findings with current insights. To understand the characteristics of the Iraqi entrepreneurial world, and provide the stakeholders, investors, researchers, and casual onlookers a detailed and straightforward picture of the advances within that world.

This research is a part of a series that KAPITA has undertaken to dive into the entrepreneurial scene. Which includes: "Iraq Entrepreneurs Journey: An In-depth Analysis", and, "Iraqi Startups Ecosystem Monitor" V1.0 & V2.0. Together with this research, we are trying to provide our readers a full picture of the Iraqi entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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(Source: Kapita, in partnership with GIZ)

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