Siemens to provide more Electricity Generation to Iraq

By John Lee.

Federal Government welcomes Germany's contribution to the sustainable development of Iraq's energy infrastructure

The CEO of Siemens Energy AG, Dr. Christian Bruch, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Iraqi Minister of Electricity, Zayad Ali Alrzij [Ziyad Ali Fadel, Ziad Ali Fadhil Sudani], on the further electrification of Iraq.

The agreement was signed in Germany in the presence of Vice Chancellor Habeck and the Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, H. Fuad Mohammed Hussein, and it will see Siemens Energy provide another 11 GW for local power generation.

Federal Minister Habeck said:

"Iraq will invest heavily in its energy infrastructure in the coming years. Siemens Energy will play a key role in this development. I am pleased that renewable energies are used as far as possible. This is an immense contribution to a climate-friendly, sustainable and reliable energy supply in Iraq."

The list of projects includes projects for the development and improvement of power generation from conventional and renewable energies.

All turbines that are newly installed in power plants are fully H2-capable and can also be operated with hydrogen or its derivatives.

In addition, an energy system study on the increased use of renewable energies is to be drawn up, the electricity transmission network is to be improved and prepared for the increased use of renewable energies, and existing systems are to be modernized.

The Federal Government has classified this project as a strategic foreign project in the interest of the Federal Republic of Germany.

(Sources: German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Media Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister)

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