Iraq's Higher National Cmte for Water holds First Meeting

By John Lee.

Prime Minister Mr. Mohammed S. Al-Sudani, chaired the first session of the Higher National Committee for Water in the presence of the Minister of Water Resources, the Minister of Construction, Housing and Municipalities, the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, the Director Generals of the relevant ministries, and representatives of the PM Advisory Board.

The session discussed water scarcity in Iraq, its effects on the humanitarian and agricultural reality, the mechanisms to support the Ministry of Water Resources plans to address water scarcity, and the diplomatic endeavors in this regard.

Mr. Al-Sudani emphasized that water scarcity is a global crisis, not limited to Iraq. Government response should not be limited to the Ministry of Water Resources and requires immediate action. His Excellency remarked that legal and executive solutions depend on dialogue with source countries, shared interests, and cooperation with international organizations.

The Prime Minister stressed the need to work on water management professionally and with deliberate steps, taking precautionary measures to confront climate change and develop several approaches to alleviate the water scarcity crisis and its effects on the agricultural sector, including resorting to wastewater treatment technology to reuse it for irrigation and removing violations on river water.

During the session, they discussed the agricultural plan and its challenges and decided to grant soft loans to farmers who use such modern irrigation mechanisms as sprinkler and drip irrigation.

(Source: Media Office of the Prime Minister)

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