90 Arrest Warrants/Summonses for Snr Iraqi Officials in Jan

By John Lee.

The Federal Commission of Integrity (FCoI) has revealed that the judiciary issued a total of 90 arrest warrants and summons orders during the month of January. These orders were directed at senior officials suspected of corruption under investigation by the FCoI's offices and directorates in Baghdad and other provinces.

According to the Investigations Office (IO) in the Commission, the orders included 19 warrants of arrest and 71 summons, targeting a total of 79 high-ranking officials between the first and 31st of January 2023. The list of individuals subject to the orders encompasses current members of parliament and former Prime Ministers, as well as two former ministers, undersecretaries, and a deputy minister.

Moreover, the IO stated that the orders targeted three current mayors and 11 former mayors, as well as three former provisional council members, a current director-general, and a former director. The scale and scope of these orders underscore the FCoI's commitment to combating corruption at the highest levels of government.

(Source: Federal Commission of Integrity)

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