Iraq's Lezzoo partners with Dukkantek

By John Lee.

Dubai's cloud-based POS and retail management software company Dukkantek has announced a strategic partnership with Lezzoo, a Y Combinator-backed superapp based in Iraq.

This collaboration aims to transform Iraq's food and beverage (F&B) supply chain by creating an end-to-end digital ecosystem for small-to-large retailers, enabling them to scale their operations and operate more efficiently.

Lezzoo, which recently expanded into the B2B marketplace, connects Iraqi retailers with suppliers. By combining the technology of both Dukkantek and Lezzoo, this partnership establishes a digital infrastructure for retailers, particularly in the F&B sector. The long-term goal is to make Dukkantek and Lezzoo integral components of Iraq's entire supply chain.

Sanad Yaghi, the CEO of Dukkantek, said:

"Together, Lezzo and Dukkantek are bigger than the sum of the parts; we are committed to setting new benchmarks in the e-commerce and on-demand services industry while driving positive change in the communities across Iraq."

Yadgar Merani, the CEO of Lezzoo, added:

"Dukkantek and Lezzoo share a common vision and we are passionate about the problem we are solving. Our visions are well-aligned, and we are confident that our partnership will develop a sustainable foundation for the country's retail sector. Apart from our technology solutions and capabilities, we also believe this collaboration will further integrate MENA startups with Iraq, unveiling the market fundamentals and opportunities of the Iraqi market."

Lezzoo has been expanding its service offerings and leveraging its merchant network, recently acquiring Saydo, the first B2B food marketplace in Iraq. Currently operating in four cities in Iraq, Lezzoo says it's on a mission to build a digital food supply chain for the country.

(Source: Lezzoo)

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