"Comprehensive Vision" for Development of Iraqi Agricultural Sector

Prime Minister Mr. Mohammed S. Al-Sudani, presided over a meeting to discuss the "Comprehensive Vision for the Development of the Agricultural Sector."

The meeting was attended by the Higher Committee for Agricultural Development in Iraq, which includes the Prime Minister's Advisory Board and representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank of Iraq, Agricultural Engineers Association, Veterinarians Association, and Agricultural Associations.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister acknowledged the efforts of the committee in formulating the initiative and emphasized the importance of implementing the reforms that the government seeks to make in the agricultural sector. These reforms include strategic structural reforms and immediate reforms that consider the current challenges faced by the sector, such as water scarcity, unemployment, and global food security.

The Prime Minister highlighted the need for the initiative to create job opportunities for graduates of agricultural and veterinary colleges and other specializations. Additionally, the initiative should be applicable, feasible, and consistent with the plans of the ministries, covering all agricultural sectors, including livestock.

The new initiative reflects the government's reform approach, as it aims to restructure support for the agricultural sector. This includes subsidizing inputs such as supplies, vaccines, pesticides, and fertilizers, as well as subsidizing outputs by setting final prices for receiving crops such as wheat, barley, and others.

The initiative will also reconsider agricultural land management and establish a fund for agricultural development in Iraq. This is to ensure the availability of a sustainable specialized fund that guarantees continuous financing and support for agricultural projects through a specific mechanism.

Overall, the "Comprehensive Vision for the Development of the Agricultural Sector" is a significant step towards enhancing the agricultural sector in Iraq, creating job opportunities, and ensuring sustainable development.

(Source: Media Office of the Prime Minister)

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