Architectural Competition for Dakeer Island in Basra

By John Lee.

Tamayouz Excellence Awards has invited architects and designers to submit their ideas to transform the underused Dakeer Island in Basra into a vibrant recreational urban destination for locals and visitors.

As of now, Dakeer Island is packed with illegal settlements, wholesale and storage warehouses, and waste dumping areas. The shipyard business no longer exists but the area still belongs to Iraqi Port Authority.

The Dewan Award for Architecture 2023 envisions Dakeer Island as a new thriving urban destination in Basra.

The redesigned Island will transform the Dakeer into a vibrant recreational and commercial waterfront, preserving Basra's identity as a port city and improving and celebrating its fishing industry and maritime heritage.

Redevelopment includes the sites of a new fish market, a river taxi station, a sailing club and urban links better connecting the Dakeer to the mainland.

The new inclusive and accessible waterfront will be a destination for locals and visitors to enjoy.

The Dewan Award For Architecture (established in 2018) is one of Tamayouz Excellence Award competitions programme, which champions and celebrates the best of architecture in Iraq, the Middle East and around the world.

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(Source: Tamayouz Iraq)

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