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Head of Basra Investment Commission "Dismissed ... Re-appointed"

According to several sources, the administration of Basra province council has dismissed the director of Basra Investment Commission, Dr. Haider Ali Fadhil. Ahmed Ali, a member of the committee, was appointed in his place. Meanwhile, Alsumaria TV reports that Dr. Fadhil was dismissed by Basra's governor, but that the Council has objected to the dismissal […]

Multi-billion Gas Deal with Shell and Mitsubishi

Iraq's cabinet has approved a multi-billion dollar deal with Royal Dutch Shell and Japan's Mitsubishi Corp. The deal, signed on Tuesday, will provide much needed electricity from natural gas that is currently being burned off. The State-owned South Gas and Basra Gas companies in southern Iraq will take a 51 percent stake in the contract, […]


Iraqi Pipeline Fire Put out

Iraqi firemen put out a fire caused by a bomb explosion in northern Baghdad on Tuesday, according to a report from Xinhua News Agency, citing an Iraqi security forces spokesman. The attack took place earlier in the day in the al- Rashediyah district just north of the Iraqi capital, sparking a huge fire, said Qassim […]

Iran's TCI Offers to Help Iraq Telecom Sector

The managing director of the Telecommunication Company of Iran in Kurdestan province, Mohammad Saeed Ahmadi, told Fars News Agency that his company was ready to help upgrade the telecommunication infrastructure and fiber-optic systems in Iraq's northern regions. "In addition to fiber-optic projects, we have the ability to undertake all kinds of telecom activities in the […]

Companies Win Tender to Transport Oil Derivatives Between Provinces

Three local companies won a tender to transport oil derivatives from southern Iraq to the central provinces, an official spokesman for the oil ministry said on Tuesday. “The ministry needed local companies to transport oil derivatives as pipelines were damaged because of terrorist attacks,” Essam Jehad told Aswat al-Iraq news agency during the second stage […]


Attack on Cash Convoy in Baghdad Thwarted

Iraqi police thwarted a bomb attack on a convoy transporting cash to and from Iraq's central bank on Tuesday, detonating it in a controlled explosion after clearing the area, according to a report from AFP. The bomb was planted in a rubbish skip in the Rasheed Street area in the heart of Baghdad, and the […]


The Business of Business is Business

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and his main rival for the top position, Ayad Allawi, met on Tuesday to discuss a resolution to the ongoing parliamentary stalemate. This was only the second meeting between the two men since the inconclusive 7th March election. While this was welcome news, Ali al-Dabbagh, a spokesman for the prime minister, […]

Are there really people in 112 countries waiting to hear from you?

Is your business in Iraq or going to Iraq or just thinking about it? Either way our community of subscribers and readers in 112 countries will almost certainly contain people who could become customers or influence buying decisions. Some of them may already be customers. Either way, telling them about your business, keeping your name […]

Waterfall Resort to be Renovated

A waterfall resort in northern Erbil province is expected to be turned into a modern tourist destination after it was neglected of late due to drought, according to a source reported by AK News on Saturday. "Soon, Gali Ali Bag Waterfall resort will be renovated on a modern and new design through the private sector […]

Iraqi Microfinance Opens 100th Branch Office

Iraq’s rapidly growing microfinance industry reached a major milestone this month when the Al-Tadhamun (TDMN) microfinance organization opened its third branch office in the Northern Province of Ninawa. The opening brings the total number of microfinance branches and satellite offices across Iraq to 100 and underscores the success Iraq’s MFI sector has achieved in its […]