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BPS Drilling to Set Up Shop in Iraq

BPS Drilling has plans to open its operational office in the City of Erbil, located in the Kurdish Region of Iraq. BPS will open an operational office in the capital city of Erbil along with secure storage space to support its drilling operations. The company plans to include a full well test/early production facility as […]

Sterling Energy Hits Snag at Sangaw North

Sterling Energy, the AIM listed independent oil & gas, exploration & production company with interests in the Middle East and Africa, has given an update on its activities at the Sangaw North exploration well, in Iraqi Kurdistan: Operations at the Sangaw North #1 exploration well have been halted following a failure of drilling rig equipment. […]

Innospec Execs Settle with SEC on Bribery Charges

Associated Press reports that federal securities regulators are settling civil charges against two executives charged with bribing Iraqi officials for contracts to supply an oil processing chemical made by their company. The Securities and Exchange Commission says David Turner and Ousama Naaman will pay $1.35 million. It says they funneled $9.2 million to Iraqi and […]

US Chamber of Commerce Visits Basra

A delegation from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce (USCC) arrived in Basra on Sunday to discuss investment projects and U.S. companies’ involvement with the province, according Max Haivanis, Senior Manager Middle Eastern Affairs. “A visit by USCC representatives to Basra is meant to set the stage for U.S. firms’ entry into business projects in the […]

$300m for Grain Silos in Kurdistan

An additional 13 agricultural silos are to be build in the Kurdistan Region by the end of 2013, lifting the storage capacity up to one million tons, said an official source on Sunday, as reported by AKnews. Before Saddam Hussein’s fall in 2003, there were two silos in the region with a storage capacity of […]

Nepal Lifts Iraq Working Ban

The government of Nepal has lifted the ban on Nepalis working in Iraq. An estimated 30,000 Nepalis working in Iraq were facing the prospect of deportation after the US asked its contractors to send home expatriate workers whose countries impose a travel ban in Iraq. "We took the decision for the sake of Nepalis already […]

3rd Stage of Maytham al-Tamar Street in Karbala Started

The third stage of the development of Maytham al-Tamar Street in central Karbala was started on Thursday, according to the province’s reconstruction & strategic planning committee. “The project’s third stage, which is launched at a total cost of 20.304 billion Iraqi dinars [$17m], is expected to ease the traffic congestion at the entrance of city, […]


Belarus and Kurdistan Sign Trade Contract

The Kurdistan Regional Government has signed a trade contract with the Republic of Belarus, AKnews reported on Sunday. Last week a Belarusian delegation including the representatives of the Belarus trade and foreign ministries arrived in the Region. Speaking to AKnews, Fida’eddin Gardi, a member at Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Trade, told AKnews the contract […]

Jordan-Iraq Trade Relations Not Living Up to Potential

Although Jordan could be Iraq's number one economic partner, this potential remains unfulfilled as the Kingdom's public and private sectors are not taking advantage of the "excellent ties" between the two countries, Iraqi Ambassador to Jordan, Saad Hayyani has said, according to a report in Jordan Times. He said that Jordan's extensive experience in the […]


Post-Conflict Iraq: U.S. vs Iran

By Tariq Abdell, Founder & Chairman, Mesopotamia Insight. The opinions expressed here are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Iraq Business News. I always believe that politics is the art of compromising, in other words, is knowing when and where to give or to ask. Alas, President Obama's letter, […]

Legal Challenge to Iraqi Oil Contracts

By Ahmed Salih Al-Janabi - Amereller Legal Consultants (in association with MENA Associates). This article was originally published in Who's Who Legal, and is reproduced in full with their permission. For additional analysis on the status of this challenge, please click here. The Supreme Court of Iraq is currently considering the legality of the Rumaila […]

Iraq Oilfields Challenge - Legal Opinion

By Dr. Sami Shubber, founder of Hamourabi Office in Baghdad, Iraq. For more details about this case, please click here. 1. The Iraqi Ministry of Oil awarded a contract to BP and China National Petroleum Co. (SINOPEC) in 2009 for the development of the Rumaila oilfield. A lawsuit has been filed before the Iraqi Supreme […]