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Is Iraq an economic battleground?

Before launching his war to topple Saddam Hussein's regime, George Bush, the former US president, promised a strong independent Iraq. Instead the country has become a bloody battleground for regional and international forces, not to mention al-Qaeda. Today US, Israeli, Turkish, Saudi Arabian and Syrian forces compete to shape Iraq's political landscape. Sometimes this competition is fought […]

Investment in New Container Port at Umm Qasr

The General Company of Iraqi Ports is seeking investment in the new container port in Umm al-Qasr, in Iraq’s southern province of Basra, according to a report from AK News. “The international and local companies that have shipping lines specialized in container transportation must offer their investments to create, manage and operate the new containers […]

Iraq to Tap World Bank for $5bn

According to a report from AK News, the Iraqi government is planning to borrow $5 billion from the World Bank to fund its 2010 general budget deficit, Iraq’s acting Finance Minister said Wednesday. Iraq’s budget for 2010 is suffering a deficit of IQD23 trillion Iraqi dinars [approx $19bn] which the government is planning to narrow […]

Additional Funding for Power Network in Basra

The Basra Provincial Council has allocated an additional ID300 billion [$250m] to rehabilitate the power network in Basra. “This is a temporary and quick solution for the power problem in Basra,” the council’s head told Aswat al-Iraq news agency on Wednesday. He noted that agreements have been obtained to construct four new gas-driven power stations […]

Oil Firms ‘plough ahead’ and Ignore Politics to Invest in Iraq’s South

Rumaila, the workhorse of Iraq’s oil industry and its largest producing oilfield, is buzzing with activity as executives, engineers and drillers begin a massive overhaul to nearly triple its million barrels per day output.At the airport in Basra, capital of southern Iraq, officials struggle to process the unprecedented numbers arriving to join the country’s nascent […]


Iraq Using Alternative Energy Sources to Boost Production

It is interesting to see Iraq is also using alternative energy sources in its goal of boosting production, although Cleary production from such sources is dwarfed by output from the oil sector. As the UN United Nations Environment Programme reported last year, investment in various types of sustainable energy, including solar power, continues to grow, […]

Bank Profitability in Iraq to Increase

HSBC has said that it is “remarkably bullish on Iraq” and expects bank profitability in the country to increase by 100 times within 10 to 20 years, Bloomberg has reported. “There is more lending activity as the economy gets stronger,” James Hogan, country manager of HSBC Holdings said. HSBC entered the Iraq’s post-war banking sector […]