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Economy Starts to Hum, but Projects Need to Ramp Up

By Sherif Salem. As has often been the case in Iraq, developments in recent weeks have inspired both pessimism and optimism. On the one hand, an increase in bomb attacks – with 300 fatalities in April – raised fears of a return to the peak in levels of violence seen of 2005-2006. And events in […]

Iraqi Firms Need Foreign Expertise as much as Capital

By Sherif Salem. While attending an investment conference in Erbil in November, I was struck by a theme that came through in almost all my meetings with listed-company executives: a desire to engage with foreign companies. It seems as if expertise is more in demand than capital as companies look to grow and take advantage […]

North Bank Numbers give Hope to Iraqi Economy

By Sherif Salem. The process of capital formation is underway in Iraq, and that is good news for the grass roots economy. At least that’s what stock market-listed North Bank’s latest earnings results indicate. Iraq’s gross domestic product has been growing at a rapid pace, but that’s mostly due to rising oil production and robust […]