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Baghdad Construction Projects

This month (March 2010), investment permits have been awarded to several projects in Baghdad including companies working in the fields of housing, tourism and hotels. “Eight investment permits have been given to a number of companies. Housing projects were given a priority,” the Investment Commission in Baghdad said in a statement received by Aswat al-Iraq […]

Babylon Investment Committee for Housing

Babylon has demanded the formation of a special committee in the province to develop solutions to problems and obstacles faced by the Commission for the allocation of land for investment housing projects. Head of the Commission ,Alaa Harba , said in a statement that the Authority had discussed at its last meeting held in the […]

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Iraq to Build 1 Million Housing Units

The government has decided to build 1 million new housing units as part of its 2010-2014 development plan, government spokesman Ali al-Dabagh said. Dabagh said the government hoped the project will ease the current housing crisis when completed. He said flats will be sold to the public at affordable prices and in easy-to-pay installments. He […]

Initial Designs Made for 6th Mosul Bridge

Initial designs have been made for the sixth bridge in Mosul City, which will carry an estimated cost of 55 billion Iraqi dinars, a local official said on Thursday. “The bridge will encircle the city from the northern al-Rashidiya area to the western Mushayrafa,” the head of the Roads and Bridges Department in the province, […]

52 International Firms Want to Rebuild Sadr City

Fifty-two specialised international firms are willing to participate in the project to rebuild Sadr city in Baghdad, according to a press release from the office of Baghdad's Mayor, on Wednesday. “The project’s first stage consists of building 75 thousand housing units,” said the release received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency. It said that in addition […]

Construction Projects in Baghdad

Construction in Baghdad might be hindered if the authorities did not deal with the financial budget in the right way, said Baghdad governor Salah Abdul Razzak during a meeting he held on Tuesday. Abdul Razzak talked over ways of speeding up infra-structure projects in the poor regions. ( Al SumariaTV )

New Bridge and Public Health Centre in Najaf

A new vehicular bridge has just been opened to connect with the Al MahajeerAl GharbiahPublic Health Center in Najaf. The recently completed public health center is expected to improve health care for local residents and could serve an estimated 10,000 Iraqis from the region. The vehicular bridge will increase access to the new health center […]