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Iraq Issues Tenders for Supplies of Food

Iraq's State Foodstuff Company (SFSC) has issued an international tender to purchase: 30,000 tonnes of sunflower oil 2-3,000 tonnes of baby milk powder, and 30,000 tonnes of vegetable ghee. Full details can be downloaded below: vegetable-ghee_14.11.2010.5 english vegetable-ghee_14.11.2010.6 arabic sunflower-oil_14.11.2010.3 english sunflower-oil_14.11.2010.4 arabic milkpowder_14.11.2010.1 english milkpowder_14.11.2010.2 arabic


Increased Iraqi Tenders For Gasoline

Iraq is hoping to buy 9% more gasoline during the first half of 2011 than it did during the first six months of this year, according to Bloomberg. The State Oil Marketing Organisation (SOMO) plans to purchase 880,000 metric tons of gasoline for delivery between Jan. 1 and June 30, according to tenders posted on […]

Tenders for Rigs at Halfaya Oilfield

Bids are invited from oil service companies to supply two workover rigs for the 4.1 billion barrel Halfaya oilfield. The tender from state-run Maysan Oil Company, along with the China National Petroleum Company (CNPC), French oil major Total, and Malaysian state firm Petronas, closes on Nov. 28, and the offer must remain valid for 90 […]

New Tenders for Mall Developments in Iraq

The National Investment Commission (NIC) has just announced a string of new tenders to build "central malls, warehouses and free markets in addition to constructing residential buildings" throughout Iraq. Click here to see the full table of projects. Please submit application forms to either the National Investment Commission directly or by e-mail to before […]

Al Rafidain Bank – Tenders for Building Apartments

Al- Rafidain Bank of Iraq, in cooperation with the National Investment Commission, announces the intention to invest the land number 07/14/1877 Mashtal / Waziriya, area of 5000 m ², for the establishment of six residential buildings for the staff of Al Rafidain Bank, in addition to services and up to 72 ( Seventy-two) apartments. Please […]

Tenders for $180m Contract to Overhaul Iraq’s Civil Service

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has outlined proposals in its request for bidders for a $180 million contract to set up civil service laws and regulations, and to create local institutions to deliver services to the population. The four-year program is called the "Iraq National and Provincial Administrative Reform Project". Applications are to […]

Olympic Tenders Announced for Fallujah Tourist City

The Iraqi National Olympic Committee in conjunction with the National Investment Commission (NIC) has announced investment opportunities in the Al Faluja [Fallujah] Tourism City as follows:- 1. Establish a parking area , 10 coffee shops, theater, festival park, shopping malls; 2. 10 small coffee shops, 25 tourist houses (of two rooms and a hall), Luna […]