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Al Rafidain Bank – Tenders for Building Apartments

Al- Rafidain Bank of Iraq, in cooperation with the National Investment Commission, announces the intention to invest the land number 07/14/1877 Mashtal / Waziriya, area of 5000 m ², for the establishment of six residential buildings for the staff of Al Rafidain Bank, in addition to services and up to 72 ( Seventy-two) apartments. Please […]

Tenders for $180m Contract to Overhaul Iraq’s Civil Service

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has outlined proposals in its request for bidders for a $180 million contract to set up civil service laws and regulations, and to create local institutions to deliver services to the population. The four-year program is called the "Iraq National and Provincial Administrative Reform Project". Applications are to […]

Olympic Tenders Announced for Fallujah Tourist City

The Iraqi National Olympic Committee in conjunction with the National Investment Commission (NIC) has announced investment opportunities in the Al Faluja [Fallujah] Tourism City as follows:- 1. Establish a parking area , 10 coffee shops, theater, festival park, shopping malls; 2. 10 small coffee shops, 25 tourist houses (of two rooms and a hall), Luna […]