Khuzai: State aid for gifted students

The Minister of Education Khudair Khuzaie, asserted his support for gifted students, and the need to provide for  scientific and educational supplies and moral support. He pointed to the importance of allowing talented students to study abroad at the expense of the State. According to a statement issued by the Information Office of the Ministry […]

Iraq, Syria Rail Co-operation

The Iraqi minister of transportation has discussed with the Syrian prime minister means of boosting cooperation in the transportation sector, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said on Wednesday. “The two officials discussed in the Syrian capital Damascus means of developing the work of the Iraqi-Syrian Land Transportation Company and facilitating procedures for the transportation […]

Sand Freight Fees

A committee has been formed in Karbala on Wednesday to specify fees for sand transportation from the province to other places in Iraq. “The process aims at increasing Karbala revenues in 2010,” Tareq al-Kheqani, a member of the Karbala Provincial Council, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency. He said that the new revenues will be devoted […]

Construction Projects in Baghdad

Construction in Baghdad might be hindered if the authorities did not deal with the financial budget in the right way, said Baghdad governor Salah Abdul Razzak during a meeting he held on Tuesday. Abdul Razzak talked over ways of speeding up infra-structure projects in the poor regions. ( Al SumariaTV )

Al-Zubaidi: 2010 Budget for Culture Ministry

The Minister of Finance Baqir al-Zubaidi, said the budget in 2010 will focus on different sectors in the Ministries of Culture , environment, human rights, education, and sports and youth. During a meeting of a Committee to plan strategy of the federal budget this year, Al Zubaidi stressed on taking into account the ministries important […]

Anbar Will Focus on Oil

The deputy governor of Anbar on Wednesday said that the province will focus on its oil wealth, particularly in the areas of Akaz and Zankawa, in an attempt to boost its economy. “The local government’s interest in the oil sector will provide outstanding job opportunities for youth and will ensure a revenue that adds to […]

New Bridge and Public Health Centre in Najaf

A new vehicular bridge has just been opened to connect with the Al MahajeerAl GharbiahPublic Health Center in Najaf. The recently completed public health center is expected to improve health care for local residents and could serve an estimated 10,000 Iraqis from the region. The vehicular bridge will increase access to the new health center […]