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Weekly Security Update: 31 March - 06 April 2015

 National Overview Iraq declares victory in battle for Tikrit city, as PMU and aviation assets turn north for the next stage of the ISIS counter-offensive. Starting with coordinated ground assaults on the city centre from 29 March, the final breakthrough against ISIS in Tikrit occurred two days later on 31 March when security forces stormed […]

Weekly Security Update: 24 - 30 March 2015

 National Overview US involvement in Tikrit air campaign sparks discord within Shia PMU factions, as regional issues overshadow ongoing anti-ISIS offensive. Since Thursday 26 March, key players in Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Unit (PMU) alliance, including the Iranian-backed Badr Organization, Asaib al-Haq and Kitaib Hezbollah are understood to have withdrawn from the Tikrit theatre in protest […]

Weekly Security Update: 17 - 23 March 2015

 National Overview Coalition prepares to cooperate in ISF-militia campaign to liberate Tikrit, amid extension of US reconnaissance and air support. While US drone flights are known to have been taking place since 21 March, (reaching as far east as Muqdadiya, 50km from the Iranian border), official participation by the United States in the stalled Tikrit […]

Weekly Security Update: 10 - 16 March 2015

 National Overview Ground operations against the militant stronghold of Tikrit have reached a temporary halt outside the city’s central districts as reinforcements arrive in preparation for further heavy fighting. Following last week’s Iraqi update, militia-backed reserves have pressed into the city from the northern, western and southern axes, capturing much of the outlying suburb of […]

Weekly Security Update: 03 - 09 March 2015

National Overview Allied forces are now understood to be in preparations for a direct assault on Tikrit city, following a large scale retreat of ISIS fighters from towns and villages protecting main routes. In total some 20,000 troops, alongside PMU militias and Sunni tribesmen have advanced on the town, closing off routes to the south […]

Weekly Security Update: 24 February - 03 March 2015

National Overview As total nationwide fatalities hit their highest point since October 2014, the Iraqi Government launched the largest anti-ISIS offensive to date, in an attempt to retake one of the Islamic State group’s mains strongholds; Tikrit. The operation will be an important test case for Iraq’s Shiite-led government as it tries to reassert authority […]

Weekly Security Update, 17 - 23 February 2015

National Overview The United States offers April date for Mosul offensive as use of foreign military hardware is increased across Iraq’s western battle zones. Announced to the international press on Thursday 20 February (and confirming details reported by EI in December 2014), the United States has committed to training a joint Arab-Kurdish force, including divisions […]

Weekly Security Update, 10 - 16 February 2015

National Overview Financial challenges threaten to derail Baghdad-Erbil oil agreement as militants open new fronts in Anbar and the Northern provinces. High level negotiations on the implementation of the December 2014 Federal-Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) budget ended in acrimony this week, as Kurdish officials denounced what they described as an attempt by the Baghdad authorities […]

Weekly Security Update, 03 - 09 February 2015

National Overview Jordanian air campaign in Syria occurs amid ongoing counter-ISIS offensive across Iraq, as militant activity is curtailed in northern and central conflict zones. While Jordan’s armed forces have substantially increased their military presence along Iraq’s south-western border following the killing of pilot Muath al-Kasasbeh by the Islamic State of Iraq and al Sham […]

Weekly Security Update, 26 January - 02 February 2015

National Overview ISIS fighters mount the largest offensive against Kirkuk since July 2014, seizing control of oil and gas facilities as Peshmerga forces defend outer districts of the provincial capital. Preceded by a considerable build-up of militants in the Hawija and Sharqat areas south west of Kirkuk city, the main thrust of the attack occurred […]

Weekly Security Update, 20 - 26 January 2015

National Overview UAE airlines suspend flights to Baghdad international airport (BIAP) following small arms fire attack on passenger aircraft. At approximately 16:40 on Monday 26 January, at least four bullets were recorded to have struck a Fly Dubai Boeing 737-800 as it arrived on the runway at Baghdad airport, causing superficial damage to the plane’s […]

Weekly Security Update, 13 - 19 January 2015

National Overview The establishment of new Sinjar governing institutions revives KRG-PKK rivalry as Peshmerga operations continue to resist ISIS attacks in the Gwer-Mosul corridor. Formed on Wednesday 14 January following the nomination of local residents of the Sinjar (also known as Shingal) and surrounding regions, the Yezidi administrative council has evoked a mixed response from […]