Turks back major residential project.

The Investment Authority in Thi-Qar is about to reach an agreement with private and government banks in the province to provide guarantees to Turkish company Austm. It would provide loans to local investors to construct two residential areas in Shatrah. Head of IPCC, Dr. Ismail Aboudi said that the authority has set up a workshop […]

Committee in Missan to Follow Up Projects

A central committee has been formed in Missan to oversee progress in projects throughout the province. “The committee will help to resolve problems that are facing these projects,” Khalid Abdilwahid Kibian, Missan’s deputy governor, told Aswat al-Iraq news agency on Monday. He said that no projects were executed in Missan during 2009 due to a […]

Conference Calls for Supporting Reconstruction Projects in Diala

Participants in a reconstruction conference in Baaquba on Monday have agreed to ease the difficulties facing the reconstruction operations in Diala, and to return 360 billion Iraqi dinars which were allocated to the province. “Representatives of 15 ministries as well as officials of the executive and legislative authorities attended the reconstruction conference which was held […]

Part of 77m Dinar theft recovered

The Integrity Commission has been able to reduce the 77m Iraqi dinars embezzled from the Ministry of the Environment by recovering funds in a raid on the defendant’s home. After a court case lasting three days a statement said the main defendant in the case had misappropriated the funds by issuing fake cheques and through […]

Demining Needed In Iraq, Oil Giants Say

Gazprom Neft leads a consortium of investors in Iraq calling on the government to clear mines from the Badra oil field near the Iranian border. Iraqi authorities report there are more than 27 million pieces of unexploded ordnance in Iraq from the war with Iran in the 1980s. The largest number of mine fields is […]