Arabia Monitor Monthly Subscription

Covering some of the most complex emerging and frontier markets, Arabia Monitor is strategically positioned to provide timely research and insightful analysis, to help clients make informed decisions on how best to hedge the risks and capitalize on the opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Arabia Monitor's expertise lies within its human capital. With 40+ years of relevant MENA experience, the team of Arabic speaking analysts, native to the MENA region, benefit from a thorough understanding of complex regional dynamics. Offices in London and New York infuse an international perspective into our research.

As the globalized economy becomes more interconnected, even firms with no direct business in MENA could see their worldwide operations severely affected in light of geo-political and macroeconomic changes in that region.

Arabia Monitor's access to high level decision makers cuts through the noise to highlight the latest developments in the Middle Eastern markets and their implications on economics, markets and investment prospects.

The Arabia Monitor Monthly (8 issues per year): Arabia Monitor's monthly publication provides a timely snapshot of most notable recent developments in the dynamic MENA region.

Our analysts get past the news to deliver the core, forward lookingconclusions that markets-oriented readers look for.

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