Inside Iraqi Politics

Inside Iraqi Politics is a political risk newsletter which provides analytical insight into Iraq in English based on Arabic sources. IIP goes beyond pure politics and Baghdad theatrics to the intersection between politics and security, economy, investment and institutional development.
Inside Iraqi Politics is more than sources, it is perspective. Written by a multilingual staff with years of experience following Iraqi affairs, the
publication provides nuance and depth you can't find anywhere else.

Key Highlights:

Each issue of Inside Iraqi Politics is an average of roughly 4,000 words (excluding citations; length varies by issue). The first and last sections
are set and others alternate issue by issue.

Published every 2 weeks

The National Scene: This two-page section appears at the beginning of every issue, and is focused on the most important events and trends in national

Provincial Focus: Provides an analysis of an important development or series of related developments in a specific province. Because provincial politics is one of IIP's main specializations, almost every issue contains one of

Policy Focus: Deals with a policy issue significantly impacting society, economy or business. Examples include energy policy, banking and public

Legal Focus: Addresses issues related to the Iraqi judiciary, criminal
justice system, or legal system more broadly.

Regional Focus: Deals with Iraq's relations with one of its neighbors.

For the Record: Provides a day-by-day timeline of key actions or events related to each branch of the national government. This section appears in every issue, and is especially valuable to those who need a historical
record of key events.

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