Middle East Country Risk Report

"A periodical update of a country’s economy during the current crisis will provide you with a better insight into market conditions and enhance your risk-resistance. This country risk monitoring report provides you with a complete country risk analysis.

Following the subprime mortgage crisis, a series of financial earthquakes has been spreading across the globe causing havoc in financial markets and creating economic recession. The financial crisis is of major concern as it will probably afflict a large number of your clients or business partners worldwide.

This country risk analysis provides information for the following countries:

- United Arab Emirates
- Saudi Arabia
- Kuwait
- Bahrain
- Iraq
- Oman
- Qatar
- Yemen
- Lebanon
- Iran
- Jordan
- Syria

The reports are updated on a monthly basis with the most recent data. You will receive the most recent version of the report available at the time of your order.

Price: €3000

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