Nations of the World, 2012 Edition A Political, Economic & Business Handbook

This comprehensive handbook profiles 231 nations and self-governing terr-itories around the world in an easy-to-access, single-volume format.
More than 2,000 pages present political, economic and business information
not found in any other reference work of its kind.

The political, economic and business climates of the world have dramatically changed since the last edition. This 2012 edition of Nations of the World uniquely captures these changes - from current facts and figures to keen
insight into economic, social and business climates.

Of course, every one of the 231 country profiles in Nations of the World has been reviewed, revised and updated for this fourth edition and you will find the most current and comprehensive data available. Each independently written overview captures the climate of the country or territory, regardless of how deeply it has been affected by the recent sweeping
political and economic global changes.

Four sections provide important details for each nation:

Political & Economic Issues
- Political History
- Foreign Policy
- Succession & Regional Insecurity
- Economic Environment
- Trade and Tourism

Country Profile
- Historical Profile
- Political Systems & Structure
- Ethnic Makeup
- Languages Spoken
- Media
- Climate

Business Information
- Hotels
- Car Rental
- Chamber of Commerce
- Banking
- Travel Information

Key Facts
- Population Characteristics
- GDP figures
- Inflation
- Agricultural Production
- Foreign Debt
- and much more

Five Regional Chapters (Americans, Africa, Asia & Pacific, Middle East,
Europe) follow the main text & contain:

- Regional Map
- Overview of Business and Economic Environments
- Key Indicators for the Region
- Currencies for the Region

Plus, buyers of the print directory get Free Access to Nations of the World Online, where users can access individual Country Reports for download on Grey House GOLD. With online access, searching through this vast amount of text and finding specific country information has never been easier. Online access is available upon request to book buyers at no additional cost

With more than 2,000 pages of critical political, economic and business information including narrative overviews, charts and maps, this newest edition of Nations of the World: A Political, Economic & Business Handbook is a timely and immensely valuable reference acquisition to all public, academic and special library collections.

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