Political Risk services 100 Country Reports

12 months of access to all of Political Risk Services' 100 Country Reports,
including all updates and revisions throughout the year.

Each Country Report provides 18-month and five-year risk ratings and
forecasts, key macroeconomic forecasts, 10 years of historical data,
extensive textual analysis of risk to business, plus complete background

Your subscription to World Service also includes complimentary subscriptions
to Political Risk Letter (PRL), Country Forecasts and Country Reports

Political Risk Letter

A monthly newsletter that summarizes the latest forecasts by Political Risk
Services for economic and political changes affecting international
business. Each issue also includes the "Political and Economic Forecasts
Table," which includes 18-month and five-year forecasts for turmoil,
investment, transfer, and export risk in all 100 countries and forecasts of
real GDP growth, inflation and current account.

Country Forecasts

Published semi-annually (in April and October), this is an annual
subscription. Country Forecasts is a 480-page perfect-bound volume providing
a four-page summary of forecasts and data for each of the 100 countries
monitored by Political Risk Services. Each volume also includes extensive
statistical and ranking tables with PRS forecasts and macroeconomic data.
This publication is available only in print.

Country Reports

Country Reports for 100 countries, each report expertly assesses potential
political, financial, and economic risks to business investments and trade.
Political Risk Services Country Reports provide risk forecasts and analysis
based on the world-renowned Coplin-O'Leary Rating System, the original
political risk rating system, including alternative regime scenarios.

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Subscription : EUR 8533

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