Q4 2012 MENA Outlook - Shifting Sands, Shifting Trade: Building a new Silk Route

The MENA Outlook is a comprehensive publication covering macroeconomic, market and geopolitical analysis of the MENA region, laid out in a concise bullet point format.

The publication presents Arabia Monitor's insights on global markets, moves on to cover regional issues, and then focuses on individual country macroeconomic studies. Each publication features a special interview with regional leaders including central bank governors, ministers and executives.

The Q4 2012 MENA Outlook focuses on the growing links between MENA and China, two economies now joined at the hip by hydrocarbon-linked trade and

China is importing a greater share of its oil from MENA, while MENA is exporting a greater share of its oil to China, a pattern we expect to persist as growth continues to shift eastward. This trend is only a resumption of a centuries-old interdependence: The Silk Route is being
re-established rather than invented.

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