The Medical Device Market: Iran

"The Islamic Republic of Iran forms the eastern border of the Middle East and is bordered by Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. Iran boasts an estimated population of 75.1 million in 2010.

Government investment has resulted in an improved health sector, with modernised services and facilities being built annually. Ownership of hospitals is evenly split between the public and private/charity sectors but can be fragmented due to lack of co-ordination between agencies.

A series of Development Plans, spanning consecutive five-year periods from 1990, have aimed to rejuvenate Iran’s health sector by raising hospital bed and personnel numbers, building primary healthcare facilities, improving family planning and immunisation rates, focusing on care of the elderly and prevention of non-communicable diseases, reforming the state medical insurance scheme and social welfare systems in addition to attracting foreign investment.

Price: €745

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