U.S. Defense & Aerospace Industry - Key Trends, Strategic Insights & Growth Opportunities

"The U.S. defense & aerospace industry is the largest in the world driven by America’s almost 50% share of the global defense outlay at a staggering $700 billion as of 2010. The primary growth drivers for the industry during the first decade of the 21st century have been the 9/11 attacks followed by the subsequent, ongoing allied war on terror across Iraq & Afghanistan theatres. However, after nearly 7 years of waging campaigns across several theatres against terrorism coupled with the ramifications of the worst-ever global economic crisis since the great depression; the U.S. economy has started showing signs of a potential economic overstretch & a potential resurgence of the classic, Military-Economic conundrum, once again.

The U.S. defense & aerospace industry, thus, currently is juxtaposed between rapidly rising technological capabilities and the deteriorating overall economic conditions to sustain & support the same. The fallout has been evident and has been along the anticipate"

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