U.S. Military Training and Simulation Market

"The U.S. military training and simulation market continues to grow in importance and in the use of current commercial technology. Spending on training for the Dept. of Defense (DoD) continues with slow but stable growth.

The DoD has consistently sought out less expensive, but more effective training, in all segments of the training market: Virtual, Live, Constructive/C4ISR and Education. As aircraft technology has increased, the technology for simulators and training devices to support those airframes has also increased. Complex missions have also increased the need for high-fidelity mission rehearsal devices, allowing aircrews to see, hear, and act as they would in a real mission.

The increased use of improvised explosive devices in the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, has driven the need for specialized ground crew simulations to train on recognition, detection, avoidance and execution of missions against the threat.

Price: €5704.75

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