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Italian, Ukrainian, French Firms Consider Investment in Babil

Babil Investment Commission [Babylon Investment Commission] has announced that a group of Italian, Ukrainian and French companies are interested in investing in the province. The deputy chairman of the Investment Commission, Abbas al-Tai, told Alsumaria News that the companies are considering construction and industrial projects, and that "the Commission has provided all the necessary facilities to […]

Babil to Install Power Generators

Babil Investment Commission announced the intention to contract with the American company 'Fidelity International' to provide the province with 70 power generators on an investment basis. The Chairman of the Commission said that the provincial government had directed during the meeting with the energy committee and the investment commission to contract with the company to […]

Babil Investment Commission Attacks Baghdad Govt

AKnews reports that the Vice Chairman of the Babil Investment Commission has complained that Iraq’s investment law has been “paralyzed” by the state’s failure to implement it effectively in ministries and government departments. Abbas al-Tai told the agency that Iraq is one of the best places in the world for investors as it lacks many […]