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Security Forces Foil New Attack on Baiji Refinery

Associated Press quotes an Iraqi official as saying that security forces have foiled a new attack against the country's largest oil refinery. Salahaddin provincial spokesman Mohammed al–Assi said a bomb was found inside the Beiji [Baiji, Bayji] refinery earlier this week but it was successfully dismantled. It had been placed inside a storage tank. The […]

Baiji Refinery 'Back to Normal'

A spokesman for Iraq's Oil Ministry has told AFP that production levels at the Baiji [Bayji, Beiji] oil refinery returned to normal on Friday, just six days after being damaged in terrorist bombing. If true, this contradicts earlier estimates that it would take several weeks to repair the unit. Assem Jihad said "the damaged unit […]

Baiji Refinery Partially Re-Started

Iraq restored partial operation at its largest oil refinery on Monday after a two-day shutdown due to a bomb attack, Reuters reports. "We have restarted production operation at 50 percent of the original capacity on Monday," Abdul-Qader Saab, the refinery's deputy manager, said. The militants planted explosives at a kerosene and benzene production unit at […]

Refinery Boss Resigns Following Threats

Dr. Ali al-Obaidi, who has been in charge of Iraq's Baiji refinery since 2007, has reportedly resigned from his position, having successfully slashed the level of theft from the facility. He had initially been installed as part of a joint U.S.-Iraqi corruption crisis team. According to Iraq Oil Report, the man credited with reducing theft […]