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REFAATO, UNDP providing Safe Water to Iraqis

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Iraq has signed an agreement with Government of Iraq's Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terroristic Operations (REFAATO) to provide residents in Ishaqi, Salah-Al Din with access to safe reliable drinking water. Approximately $1.25 million, generously provided to REFAATO by the Islamic Development Bank, will be used to […]

CMEC to Expand in Iraqi Electricity Sector?

By John Lee. During their recent visit to China, the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, accompanied by the Ministers of Transport and Electricity visited the China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC), which specializes in transport, energy, communications and heavy engineering equipment. The company is already involved in the reconstruction of Salah al-Din power station and […]

Blue Sky Energy to Study Salahadin Field

By John Lee. Canadian independent oil company Blue Sky Energy Inc. has announced that it has commissioned an independent resource evaluation report that summarizes and updates resource volumes on its first prospect, the North Salah ad Din field, which it describes as "a historical discovery within its license area recently acquired in Iraq". According to […]

Daesh Shell Refugee Camp, 12 Killed

By Simon Kent. According to Iraqi police sources, members of the self declared "Islamic State" have shelled a refugee camp with mortar fire in northern Salahaddin, killing 12 people and injuring dozens. The camp, most likely populated by Sunni refugees (the very people IS claims to protect) was attacked from positions in the nearby town […]

Diyala and Salahuddin Reconstruction to cost $1.3bn

By John Lee. The chairman of the Fund for Areas Affected by Terrorist Operations in Iraq, Abdel-Basit Turki [Abdel Basset Turki], has said that the cost of rebuilding the provinces of Diyala and Salahuddin is expected to reach $1.28 billion (1.5 trillion Iraqi dinars). He said that the reconstruction fund currently has only $350 million, […]

Iraqi F-16s Debut Against ISIS

By Simon Kent. Iraq's long awaited delivery of F-16 fighter bombers have now made their combat debut, The Guardian reports. The jets made 15 sorties in Salahaddin, a key front north of Baghdad where the Baiji oil refinery and nearby town are still contested battle zones. The Guardian report suggests that with Coalition strikes hitting ISIS on […]

Daesh Launch Small Offensive

By Simon Kent. Al Jazeera have reported a string of violent incidents in Iraq in the past 24 hours. In Salahaddin, a suicide bomber targeted a meeting of anti ISIL Sunni Sheikhs, killing at least 18 people. ISIL and its predecessor ISI have long targeted opposing Sunnis, fearing widespread Sunni opposition in Iraq would undermine […]

Re-settling refugees: Iraq's endgame?

By Robert Tollast. Loveday Morris, who usually reports on Iraq for The Washington Post, has written an engaging piece on the returning "internally displaced persons" or IDPs, to Tikrit following the expulsion of Islamic State forces in the town. Morris' piece touches on some of the nuance that is often lost in reporting on Iraq. For […]

WFP Urgently Needs $45m for Iraq

By John Lee. A report from KUNA says that the UN World food program (WFP) urgently requires $45 million (54 billion Iraqi dinars) to continue its Emergency Operation in Iraq until June. Elisabeth Byrs, WFP Senior Communications Officer , Geneva Spokesperson told a press briefing that the humanitarian situation in the cities of Samarra in […]

Baiji Refinery Recaptured

By John Lee. Security sources report that the Iraqi army has broken the five-month-long seige of Baiji [Beiji, Bayji] oil refinery in Salahadin province. Baiji is the largest town to be recaptured from Islamic State (IS) fighters since its offensive across northern Iraq in June. Xinhua News Agency suggests that the capture of Baiji would […]

Sonoro Terminates Iraqi Agreement

By John Lee. Sonoro Energy Ltd. has announced that the Company has changed its strategy of making significant use of advisory and consulting services in Iraq to primarily utilizing its own established network. With this change, the Company has terminated its advisory and consulting agreement with Amira Management B.V. (an entity with the same principals […]