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China in $18bn Iraq Pipeline Deal

By John Lee. The China Petroleum Pipeline (CPP) and private company Mass Global have reportedly formed a consortium to build an $18-billion export pipeline from Basra to the Jordanian Red-Sea port of Aqaba (pictured). Iraqi Oil Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi [Adil Abd Al-Mahdi] told Reuters: “The two companies will submit their investment offer to the oil […]

CPP, NAWAH Deal on Energy Projects

By John Lee. China Petroleum Pipeline (CPP) and North America Western Asia Holdings (NAWAH) have announced that the two companies have entered into an agreement to jointly pursue potential energy sector development projects in Iraq. Under the agreement signed during a formal ceremony in CPP’s global headquarters in China, CPP and NAWAH will seek an […]

Oil Storage Contract Awarded to CPP

By Patrick M Schmidt. The Ministry of Oil has approved a contract worth $607 million (708 billion Iraqi dinar) with China Petroleum Pipeline (CPP). The company will now be able to begin construction on an oil storage facility to accommodate future development projects at the Nassiriya oilfield. The field currently produces 40,000 barrels of oil […]

Missan Emerges as Major Oil Producer

By John Lee. The Province of Missan has emerged as a major oil producer in Iraq as more of its oil fields come on stream. Ali Muaarij, the head of Missan Oil Company, said foreign firms are developing these fields and currently the province produces 230,000 bpd. He said he expected the Missan fields to […]

China May Build New $650m Iraq Oil Pipeline

By John Lee. The China Petroleum Pipeline (CPP) company is said to be close to winning a $650-million contract to build a pipeline linking the southern oilfields in Maysan province to the al-Fao [al Faw] storage depots. The chief of state-run Maysan Oil Company, Ali Maarij, told Reuters, that the line will expand the export […]