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Proposals to Develop Damlaj Lake

Wasit Provincial Council is currently puting a committee together to discuss plans to transform Damlaj Lake into centre for tourism, according to a report from AKnews. The panel will discuss how to increase the 435 sq km lake's capacity of water storage, and to attract and discuss investment opportunities with foreign and domestic companies. The proposed […]

500 New Housing Units in Diwaniya

Two local governments started construction on more than 500 housing units to the west of the city of Diwaniya. Total investment in the scheme is said to be $84 million, according to Aswat al-Iraq. Ahmed Hashim, acting head of the Investment Commission, told the agency that the sites of the projects were handed over to […]

Govt Approves $692m Cement Factory

Iraq’s cabinet has approved a $692 million [810 billion Iraqi dinar] contract for the construction of a cement factory in southern Iraq, according to Arab News. Government spokesman Ali Al-Dabbagh (pictured) said the factory will be built in Diwaniya province, 150 km south of Baghdad, and will cover an area of about 185 acres. The […]

Diwaniya Council to Close Zain Offices in Protest

According to a report from Iraq's National Media Centre, the provincial government in Diwaniya will close the regional offices of mobile phone operator Zain Telecom on Saturday, in solidarity with the campaign to boycott the company to pressure it to improve its services. The Chairman of the council's Committee on Transport and Communications complained about […]

Memos Signed with 2 Int'l Companies in Diwaniya

Diwaniya council has signed memorandums of understanding with two international companies to implement a number of projects in the province, according to the Aswat al-Iraq news agency. "Chairman of the council, Jubeir al-Juburi, signed memorandums of understanding with a representative of a Korean company to build huge oil-fueled generators," said Muayad al-Ansari, a media advisor […]

$3m to Develop Nippur Archaeological Site

An official in Diwaniya said on Friday evening that the Iraqi Ministry of Tourism has allocated 3.5bn Iraqi Dinars (ID) [$3m] to the rehabilitation of the Neipur [Nippur] archaeological city south of Diwaniya, 180 km south of Baghdad. Dakhil al-Kanani, the head of the Supreme Committee of the Niepur cultural festival in Diwaniya province told […]

$100m Turkish Poultry Project in Diwaniya

A Turkish company has expressed readiness to rehabilitate a poultry project in Diwaniya at a cost of $100 million [117 billion Iraqi dinars]. This came during a meeting the chairman of the agriculture and water resources committee in Diwaniya, Baqer Ali al-Shaalan, held on Wednesday (Oct. 6) with a delegation of a Turkish company. “Talks […]

Diwaniya Achieves Just $1.7m from its Oil Refinery

The Diwaniya province has achieved revenues of around ID2 billion [$1.7m] from refining oil. “These revenues are for the year 2010,” a local source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency on Thursday. He explained that the amount is not big or important to the province. “The Iraqi law has not given Diwaniya oil revenues as other […]

20 Projects Achieved in Diwaniya

Technical and engineering staffs in Diwaneya roads and bridges department, performed 20 projects through the past 6 months including developing regions plan for the past year, in time the province gained ID 360 M from compensations amounts resulted from war damages. A source at the province said, that the technical and engineering staffs in Dewaniya […]