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Iraq to Import $65m of Rice

Iraq's Ministry of Trade has announced that it has closed a deal to import 125,000 tons of rice from Thailand at a cost of $65 million in order to meet the demands of the government’s food-subsidizing ration card system. The General Manager of the Ministry’s Grain Company, Muthanna Jabbar, told AKnews that deals have been […]

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Iraqi Inflation Rises in January

The Ministry of Planning and Development has reported that the inflation rate increased by 2% in January, bringing the rate to 5.8%. Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi told AKnews that the reasons behind the high inflation rate are higher rents and increases in the prices of imported food. The Ministry of Planning and Development in Iraq suggested […]

Iraq Delays Fighter-Jet Purchase to Buy Food

Iraq is delaying the purchase of 18 American fighter jets because of budget problems, and has decided to use the money to buy food for the poor instead, said the Iraqi government spokesman on Monday. Associated Press reports that Iraq, like, many Middle Eastern countries in the wake of the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, […]

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Potato Crop Down 8% in 2010

A spokesman for Iraq's Planning Ministry has blamed neighbouring countries for the decline in the country's potato crop. Iraq harvested 200,000 tons of potatos in 2010, compared to 223,000 tons in 2009 - a drop of almost 8%, Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawai told AKnews. He related the decline to the drop in the level of rivers flowing […]

Iraq Bought 300,000 Tonnes Wheat Last Week

Iraq bought 300,000 metric tons of wheat from Australia and the U.S. last week, Reuters reports, citing traders in the Middle East. Iraq purchased 250,000 tons of the grain grown in Australia and 50,000 tons of U.S. wheat, according to the report. The government issued another tender for 100,000 tons yesterday. Traders expected Iraq to […]

Rain Boosts Iraq's Grain Output

Iraq’s grain imports will decline after rainfall boosted crop production, the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization said. Bloomberg, citing a report from the UN’s Global Information and Early Warning System, says imports will fall to 4.91 million metric tons in the year ending on June 30, down 6.1 percent from the prior 12 months. […]

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Iraq "Able to Satisy its Food Needs"

Iraq’s Ambassador to the UN Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO), Hassan al-Janaby, has stated in Rome on Saturday that the prices of foodstuffs were increasing and all reports are indicating that the world is facing a very embarrasing situation, threatening to unleash a major hunger wave, but he said Iraq was able to satisfy the […]

Iraq Tenders for Supply of Foodstuffs

The Iraqi State Foodstuffs Company has just issued new tenders for the supply of  various food products. Please click on the items below for details: Vegetable Ghee Sunflower Oil Baby Milk Powder In parallel, the Grain Board has issued tenders for the supply of 100,000 tonnes of wheat and 30,000 tonnes of rice: Wheat Rice

Committee to Protect Tomato Produce in Basra

A committee has been set up in Basra to protect the local tomato production against competition from imported tomatoes, an official statement said on Wednesday. “Basra Governor Dr. Shaltagh Abbod al-Mayah has given instructions to form a special committee to handle the drop in the price of local tomatoes due to competition from imports,” read […]