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Iran's Increases Energy Cooperation with Iraq

Iranian Oil Minister, Rostam Qassemi [Qasemi] (pictured), has said that Iran is keen to expand oil cooperation with Iraq. Speaking on the sidelines of an oil conference in Tehran, he told reporters that cooperation in joint oil fields and exporting Iranian gas to Iraq are examples of the growing cooperation between the two countries, adding […]

Iran Increases Iraq Gas Export Plan

By John Lee. The Iranian Deputy Oil Minister Javad Oji (Owji, Ouji) (pictured) has announced that the country will start exporting 40 million cubic meters (mcm) a day of natural gas to Iraq by summer 2013. Iran's PressTV reports that an agreement has been reached to supply Iraq via two separate routes. Construction of the “friendship” pipeline […]

Iran to gain $1.5-$2m/day from Gas to Iraq

By John Lee. Iranian deputy oil minister Javad Owji [Ouji, Oji] (pictured) says the country’s revenues from the planned export of natural gas to Iraq will reach $1.5-$2 million a day. According to a report from PressTV, he went on to say that Iran will start delivering gas to its western neighbour within three months. […]